Mcjeh Digital Social Media Policy

Social Media Employee Guidelines

Social Media and Blogging Policy

We encourage employees to participate in various forms of social media, including forums, blogs, wikis, and social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, interactions with these social media platforms can have implications for the company and the public perception of the company.

Whether or not you are acting on behalf of Mcjeh Digital or using your personal social media accounts or blogs, all employees must observe the following guidelines:

  • You must be approved and trained to use Mcjeh Digital-owned social media accounts, our logos, and or Mcjeh Digital photo or video on behalf of Mcjeh Digital. 
  • Don’t post sensitive, private, or confidential company information or financial performance (e.g., company strategy, pricing details, or comparisons).
  • You are responsible for what you publish on your accounts. For any blog, comment, or other posting related to the company or its industry generally, you must do the following:
    1. Identify who you are and your role at the company; and
    2. Make it clear that the views expressed are your personal views and do not necessarily reflect those of the company.
  • You are to list Mcjeh Digital as your employer on all your social media platforms. 
  • You are to engage and share Mcjeh Digital and its clients’ posts and blog posts on your social media platforms.
  • All postings and comments must be respectful of the company and its employees, users, customers, vendors, business partners, and competitors. Do not use ethnic slurs, personal insults, or obscenity, and do not engage in conduct that would not be acceptable in the company’s workplace. Respect others’ privacy, and avoid topics considered objectionable or inflammatory, such as politics and religion.
  • Do not post or comment about work- or industry-related issues under anonymous handles.
  • At times, the company may request that you temporarily confine online commentary to some topics unrelated to the company. This situation may be necessary to manage regulatory or litigation matters or to ensure compliance with securities regulations or other laws.
  • Use your online activities to add value. On topics related to the company, participate in online dialogues and forums that reflect positively on the company and further its interests.
  • Never pick fights, and be the first to correct your own mistakes. Don’t alter a previous post without indicating that you have done so.
  • You should not post photos of or make negative comments about our customers, and do not share details about customer visits, whether private or public figures, without their permission (unless it is a marketed personal appearance for the company).
  • Don’t post comments about coworkers or clients that could be harassing, threatening, retaliatory, or discriminatory.
  • You may be legally responsible for the content you post, so respect brands, trademarks, and copyrights.
  • Follow the terms and conditions for social networking sites.
  • Ensure your posts do not create a perceived or actual conflict of interest. A conflict of interest exists if you have an interest outside of your work at Mcjeh Digital that interferes with your job responsibilities or affects your judgment on behalf of Mcjeh Digital. For example, using Mcjeh Digital resources for a non-Mcjeh Digital client or accepting direct advertising or compensation from non-Mcjeh Digital clients for your blog or other social media site is a conflict of interest.


Violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action in line with the nature. Such action could include warnings, mandatory social media training, suspension, and termination.

Who to contact to learn more or report this social media policy and issues related to it include the following:

  • Social media policy and violations. Contact the CEO:
  • Crisis management & Security breach Admin: